Create A Spa Design In your Bathroom

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You may not want to completely turn your bathroom into a spa, but don’t want to be left out of the spa-at-home craze either. In this case, consider creating a spa look in your bathroom, which allows you to retain aspects of your bathroom you like while adding luxurious elements designed to give spa comfort.

Materials : The spa is all about luxury and comfort so choose materials that reflect these. Choose materials and finishes that are striking and sleek. Use glass for your counters, sinks, toilet enclosures and sinks; natural stone, handcrafted/custom tiles and gold finishes on accessories.

glass bathroom design

spa in the bathroom

Furniture and accessories : Forget the average bathroom cabinets you’ve been using. Replace these with stylish vanities, chic vessel sinks, elegant faucets, decorative mirrors with trim all around, elegant lights and rich bath rugs.

modern bathroom sink

modern bathroom with chic rug

modern bathroom with chic rug

bathroom design with amazing mirror

bathroom design with amazing mirror

Vary textures : Embrace unusual combinations of textures for a fascinating effect, for example natural stone and matte-finish, stone and tile or glass and stone.

bathroom design with natural stones

bathroom designs with natural stones

bathroom designs with natural stones

Music and sound : No spa experience is complete without music. Ensure that there is an abundant flow of soothing sounds by connecting an audio system, waterproof speakers, and TV or music player, complete with the controls. Crown it all with wireless connectivity.

bathroom music

It is the small, luxurious thing that will make your bathroom look and feel like a spa.