A Guide to Using Textures in your Small Rooms

Small Space

A Guide to Using Textures in your Small Rooms


If you are lucky, you only have one small space in the house to contend with. Most of us have to put up with several tiny rooms, maybe even small apartments. Still, making your home as cozy and welcoming as possible is something you should not tire of doing.

Walls, flooring and the ceiling are the initial surfaces one notices in any room, and it is not just their color that makes them stand out. Part of what draws the eye to them is their texture. You can master how to play around with texture to make your space more appealing.

The rule of thumb for small spaces is to keep it subtle. Bold contrasts in texture increase bulkiness in a small room. You want to use very little contrast to create an element of continuity in the room. Keep the wall texture soft and blend it with the most obvious furnishings. This means that the walls and drapes should be of similar texture or as close in texture as possible.

Opt for lustrous finishes for your surfaces as these appear lightweight and seem to use up minimal space. Carpeting should be light both in fabric and design. Heavy shaggy rugs and mats will make the room look smaller.

Small Space Decorating with Textures

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