Creative shelf ideas for small spaces

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Creative shelf ideas for small spaces


As much as you can avoid loud colours for walls and furniture, you can use wall mounted shelves in creative designs and structure. Use shelves in a triangular or the shape of any musical instrument. Go in for a basic open shelf that you can use to keep books, electronic items, and décor items. This will be your multipurpose shelf.

white wall mounted shelves – Image Via Apartmenttherapy

wall mounted shelves 2

Creative structure for shelves

You can place shelves in the style of units, in different sizes and mount these units on the wall. Your shelf can take the shape of cubes, oval shaped rings, etc. You can also make a shelf made of soldered pipes, arranged asymmetrically. You can as well attach slabs of wood or stone to the wall and create invisible shelves. This effect is visible when you place large items such as books on these kind of shelves.

Shelves in the shape of alphabets with a long edge between the alphabets looks very chic for a small room. Also shapes of spirals, trees, parenthesis, clouds, and having many such interesting dividers looks awesome. You can as well have a seat that is sandwiched into a shelf. Keep your imagination active when designing a niche shelf for your niche space.

Practical DIY Shelves

white wall mounted shelves

modern wall mounted shelves

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