Using Tapestries to Transform Your Living Room

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Using Tapestries to Transform Your Living Room


When we decorate our homes, we put a lot of efforts and thoughts into buying the perfect furniture for our living room, but very few of us put a lot of thoughts into the art-work adorning the walls which is often just enough to tie everything in the room together and complete the decoration.

The right design and art creates an attractive focal point which flaunts your personal interests and taste. One of the most amazing and stunning styles of such art are wall tapestries. These beautifully woven artworks, including classic and contemporary art forms are evident in even the primal eras. May be this is the very reason which anyone looking to contemplate a transformation in the living room opts for the decorative art work, in the form of wall tapestries.

If you choose the right kind of tapestry, then it can convert a sterile, dull space into a warm, comfortable and stunning area, which is bound to become the favorite of your friends and family.

Given below are the 3 most popular and in-vogue styles used in living rooms nowadays:

  1. Modern Art tapestries

This kind of wall tapestries is the perfect choice for those who love drama, excitement and a lot of colors. It has the ability to complement any kind of décor with its bold use of form, geometry and color. Modern art tapestries look really great with modern lighting designs and modern furniture, but can work equally well with traditional spaces, especially when set over fireplaces or when it is set as an anchor over yet another wall space.

  1. Landscape Tapestries

Landscape wall tapestries are a great pick for those who love to create an environment like outdoors, even inside the living room. The beautiful sceneries of woods, sea, rivers, and mountains let you flaunt your passion for the outside world as well as show your appreciation for good art. Most of the landscape tapestries have complementary work, so that you can continue the particular theme throughout the house or keep them together in group in the living room, however you like.


This is for your bedroom wall.Very charming..

  1. French Style Tapestries

These wall tapestries would be the perfect pick for the romantic souls, especially the ones created during ‘French Renaissance’. These tapestries evoke an environment of love, elegance and romance which compliments today’s living room designs very well.

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