Painting Tips for Living Room Decor

Living room

Painting Tips for Living Room Decor


Usually your living room is the first place your friends or family see when they enter you house. So it’s a natural thing that you would like to create a first good impression on your guests. You might think this is a hard job, but it’s not. It’s actually the easiest way to achieve such a result, but you need to pick an interesting combination of color schemes in order to get the best result.

Here are some practical advices about this.

Warm colors

Nowadays people are talking more and more about color psychology and most of these things are right. A good color combination can have a great influence on our state of mind. Here is an example, brown, red, maroon and orange can make you feel more active and energetic. Since your living room will be the most populated room from the entire house it makes perfect sense why you should try to use some warm colors which add some vibrancy to the house.

This bright colored living room is looking very chic and lovely.

Room size and ceiling height

While you paint, you shouldn’t forget this: size of the room and the ceiling height. Usually warm colors can make a small room feel even smaller. In this case you should opt for colder colors like blue, green or lavender; it will totally change your living room.

Painting the ceiling in a dark color can give the impression that the ceiling is very close to you, so we would recommend you to use some light colors on it, with a nice combination on the walls.

Colors surrounding the room

After you finish painting the next things you should take into consideration are the door colors, trims, shelves or even cabinets.  You can highlight them with a lighter color, some glossy finishes but be careful.


If you have a wide opening towards a garden, then you should complement the two spaces using different shades of green and even some earthy colors like terracotta, amber for a natural atmosphere inside as well.  Some nice accessories complementing this kind of room would work just perfect. Also, some wide windows are the perfect opening for this kind of space.

Living Room Photos

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