Living room designing: The basics

Living room

Living room designing: The basics


The perfect way to set the mood for your living room for it to seem inviting to your guests, is by choosing the right color for your walls. Go for neutral palettes or softer hues, as this will make your living room look bigger and brighter. You can either choose to simply paint your walls, or to wallpaper them with subtle prints.  Work on the bare walls by adding mirror, painting or picture frames.

light living room design

living room design with mirror

The same applies to the furniture that you choose. The color scheme that you choose will say a lot about your personality. Keep in mind that this is the area of your home that you will open up to your guests, so it must look appealing. Play with different types of wood, if you are going for wooden furniture, or mix different types by adding items such as glass tables or upholstered armchairs.

upholstered armchair for living room

wooden furniture for living room

Use different textures. This allows you to add a more sophisticated touch to your living room. Choose fabrics that are luxurious and brightly colored. Add cushions and throws on the sofa, so as to add coziness to your living room.

different textures in living room

Similarly, you could also opt to enhance your floors, either by changing the floor you currently have ,or by adding rugs to cover anything unsightly. From different types of tiles, to wooden floorboards and full carpeting, you have a lot of choice.

calming living room design with beautiful rug

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