Small Kitchen Decoration Ideas


Small Kitchen Decoration Ideas


The problem of creating a fabulous kitchen simply comes down to what you can fit and where.perhaps you can combine the 2 take out the doors and make the opening bigger as to have storage on the sides and even an island there with storage and the sink and dishwasher . so your kitchen and dining is one large space . that way where the sink was you can have a pantry or floor to ceiling cabinets if it will fit I don’t know the square footage for any of these rooms so it is hard to guess . is there a door going out in the kitchen area ? You can put the French doors there and create a mud room . I know property in Ca. is very expensive and so is labor perhaps getting friends or family to help . Ikea has some affordable things , I have a friend that used a cabinet bottom and a vintage with a lovely shape table top for an island , it turned out beautiful . plan out carefully ahead of time, and measure twice or three times to get them correct .Here is the great tips and design ideas for your kitchen.Let’s check!

small kitchen designed well

very small wood kitchen design

very small wood kitchen design

moder small kitchen

Love this rounded window and the reflectrion on the glass cabinets!

Awesome kitchen, as I said, you don’t need acres of room in the middle of your kitchen, this is plenty


white small kitchen

Material & Color Choices great choices, I like this kitchen becasue of the flow I love th cabinets with t frosted glass and the light fixtures bring everything together

drawer to right of oven; oven with over-the-range microwave

Simple Storage Upgrades for Tiny Kitchens

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