Go Eco Friendly with Bamboo Interior Designs

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Go Eco Friendly with Bamboo Interior Designs


Bamboo sticks are natural, versatile and beautiful materials that can be used for interior design. They are also very affordable and long lasting. For all nature lovers and people who are keen on making their homes eco-friendly, think of using bamboo for your interior design.
Some of the areas where bamboos can be used for interior designs are:

Balcony roofing

To get the ocean feel, clean and environmental friendly roofing think of bamboo roofing. They are durable, light and very attractive for balcony roofing especially for beach house balcony roofing and creating shades.

Window blinds

Using bamboo as window blinds is a new, unique and modern way of using art to promote home interior design.

Wall picture frames and wall art

Bamboo can also be used for interior decoration in terms of making picture frames from bamboo and also with the help of metallic colored papers bamboo sticks can be wrapped in colors that match with home interior and used to furnish your home interior.


Room dividers and closet doors

This is very ideal for beach house interior or for people who want a resort like feeling. The bamboo sticks can be used as an interior to separate 2 bedrooms. As an interior for closet doors bamboo sticks can be painted in colors that blend in with the furniture

Flower vessel filler

For lovers of oversized vessels you may consider bamboo sticks as an interior to use to fill your vessels. The sticks can be painted in bright colors to brighten the vase and blend with other colors in the room. Especially if the vessels are transparent it may be necessary to consider bamboo sticks as part of your interior.

Wall clocks

Bamboo decorated wall clocks can also be used to decorate plain walls and brighten the house while at the same time offer beauty and a natural feeling.
Bamboos are an affordable, eco-friendly way to connect with nature and promote beauty and unique interior design in your home. Bamboos grow fast hence do not pose any environmental threats if used for interior decoration.

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