Creative Interior Decoration Tips for Teen’s Bedroom


A bedroom of teens is a private altar for them to relax and recharge their bodies. It is a place where they cut away from all the stress of the world like pressure of parents and study, worries of future etc. When a little child becomes a teen, he/she wants changes especially in their bedroom. Discuss the hobbies of your child into consideration, while designing the room.

Do not forget to give the redecorating responsibility to your teenage child as teenagers are more creative and imaginative and it will also make them responsible. Help your child choose the theme and then select the color which perfectly suits the theme as color matters a lot.

creative bedroom design idea for teen's bedroom

Usually, interior decorators advise not to paint the room with dark colors. However, it is not correct, in every case. In recent study, it has been concluded that most teenagers are suffering from insomnia. Due to man sources of entertainment available like computers, video games, TC, they sleep late and wake up early. It has been concluded by many experts that teenagers require at least a sleep of 8 hours, at night. If the room is painted with bright colors then it may not allow them to get unbroken sleep. Thus, it is better to paint the room with dark colors for ensuring sound sleep.

Teens have a great collection of things like books, CD’s, trophies, fashion accessories etc. To keep all these things in an organized way, a table come shelf comes in handy. This will also not take much space in the room. Computer is a growing demand in today’s world. Whether it is a laptop or a personal computer, make a wooden shelf for it and you can store many other things.

A teenager loves to have a big friend circle. They always want to flaunt their room in front of their friends. Thus, to make it somewhat funky and comfortable for friends, many accessories like bean bags, study lamps, music systems, posters etc., can be used. Floor bedding is in trend these days. You should also keep a hamper which holds dirty clothes to be washed as teens do tend to mess up.

A well designed bedroom will brighten up the room and the teen will feel more pleasing and exciting to dwell in it.

Teen’s Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

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