Tips and Ideas for Bedroom and Bathroom Design

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Both bathroom and bedrooms and very important part of our house and they need to be modernized. In this era, where self pleasure matters the most, these two places at your house are totally personalized and therefore, you must implement new ideas to make them, even better. Below are few bathroom and bedroom design ideas and tips.

  1. Make Small Space Appear Bigger

Most of us want a big bedroom, but sometimes, it may not be realistic. Thus, you can implement few ways, which make your room appear bigger. First and foremost, you must eliminate all the clutter in your room to make it spacious. Thereafter, you can place a rug on one side of the floor and leave the other side exposed. This will create an illusion of big space. Moreover, you should try to keep your room bright. You can also place mirrors at certain angles which would create an illusion of big space.

small bathroom design

small modern bathroom design

stylish small bedroom coloring

small and modern bedroom

  1. Contemporary bedroom design tips

No doubt, a good bedroom is important for your house. However, your bathroom is equally important. You can opt for steam showers and rectangular tiles, to enhance its beauty. Moreover, you can also put up wallpaper, which makes it much better. You can also replace the old basin with a square one, to give a sophisticated look.

stylish contemporary bedroom design

contemporary bedroom design


Art deco can be used in both bathrooms and bedrooms. In your bathroom, you can fit some traditional ceramic taps, a square sink and set them against a plain background.