Kitchen DIY’s


Kitchen DIY’s


There’s no better way to make a difference to your kitchen while on a budget, than trying out a few DIY projects. You will be surprised by the range of issues you can resolve with some simple DIY.

If you have storage issues, and would also love to add a rustic look to your kitchen, hang up an old kitchen rake, and use it as a wineglass holder. This is ideal for those who have a lot of wall space.

If you are looking for lovely wooden trays for your kitchen, you can always make yourself one. All you would need is some ply wood, a hammer, nails and paint!

Or you can try something like this!


If you like to put up notices and other important leaflets up on your fridge, use an old tin can with a magnet inside of it. This will make the entire can magnetic, and can easily be placed on the fridge door.

If you find that your cabinetry is old and boring, wallpaper it! Use a fun but elegant printed wall paper to do up your cabinets. You can also try this with your fridge or old appliances.

You can use chalkboard paint to either paint jar labels, to paint your fridge or your kitchen backsplash, for a multipurpose surface!

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