How to Decorate your Kid’s Room

Kids Room

How to Decorate your Kid’s Room


Your child’s room houses a host of items, from toys to books. It is often also the room where they do their art work and other crafts. Yet it is also where they sleep and therefore needs to be conducive enough to allow them undisturbed rest and sleep. How then do you ensure that the room décor is good enough for them?

When thinking through the décor, remember that it is about them, not you. Many times as parents, we tend to decorate our children’s room the way we would have wanted our rooms to look like at their age, without taking the child’s considerations to mind.

What are their favorite colors? If they are old enough, your children can voice their color and design preferences. You might be surprised to realize that your kid does not fancy the standard blue and pink colors we like to bombard them with.

If the kids are much younger and unable to make any decisions, you can safely settle on shades of pink and blue or any other color of your liking. The lighter and brighter the colors are, the softer and larger the room will appear.

Lots of wallpaper and wall stickers are apt for kids’ rooms, as are posters of their favorite cartoon characters, musicians, sports heroes and other celebrities.


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