Fabulous Kids’ Bedroom Designs


Fabulous Kids’ Bedroom Designs for All Ages


The best designs for kids’ bedrooms are those that provide a good balance of play and rest. As your kid’s favorite room in the house, their bedroom needs to be as attractive to them as possible. Aim to make this room the centre of all play as well as the comfortable haven where they can enjoy peaceful sleep.

Choose beds in unusual, trendy designs : This will help the room stand out. Kids’ furniture makers have outdone themselves in creating all kinds of fancy bed shapes, from fish shaped beds, to ice-cream inspired beds and L-shaped ones. If possible, take your child along and let them choose the designs the like best.

creative bed design for your child

castle theme bed design for your child’s room

Embrace single bunks and bunk beds : These automatically offer enough room for a second and even third bed. Use the space underneath a single bunk bed to store stuff or convert it into a study or play area. In bunk beds, create more sleeping space by placing a mattress on the space beneath the bottom bunk or use pull-out draws that can double up as a mattress.

cute bunk bed design for your kid’s room

Have plenty of storage : All their clothing, toys, books and art objects need a home and your storage space is this home. The room will also look a lot more organized, even spacious, when there is plenty of storage. Take advantage of under bunk storage, shelving, built-in closets and drawers to keep all your kid’s stuff.

storage ideas for your child’s bedroom

A little effort as you can see above goes a long way in making your kids’ bedroom a little haven they can delight in.

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