Mirrors for Your Interior Design

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Mirrors for Your Interior Design


Mirrors from way back are used to reflect things and for homes, they are mostly found in the dressing rooms, toilets, bathrooms and bedrooms. Most people seem to find these areas as the most ideal areas for mirrors but indeed mirrors can be placed in various areas in the house with the aim of getting a fabulous accent and to spruce the interior of the house. Some of the areas where mirrors can be used for interior decoration are:

Mirror for Dark Small rooms

When mirrors are used for interior design, they give one a sense of having more space. This is because they brighten the room and their reflection always fools the eye as they make a given place appear larger than in reality. E.g. if a bedroom is small  with only one window, a decent mirror placed opposite the window will reflect light into the room making the room appear larger and well lit.

Mirror for Dressing room, Pantries and toilets without windows

in most homes the pantry and dressing rooms have no windows and the toilet may also have very small tinted windows hence don’t provide sufficient light. By making the whole or part of the ceiling mirrored with light is switched on, the mirrors brighten the room, giving it an illusion of the skylight.

Mirror for Fireplace

a mirror placed adjacent to the fireplace reflects the flames and flow from the fire hence reducing the dark and cold feeling. The reflection helps create a warm cheerful glow and makes the room appear more spacious at night.


Mirror for Gardens

weather proof mirrors can be used in small gardens that are hemmed in by walls. The reflections from the mirrors magnify the beauty of the plants and the gardens’ interior.

Mirror for Stairs and corridors

if your stair or corridor is plain, it can be decorated by using floor to roof mirrors and picture frame to decorate the stairs. As for the corridors, mirrors that reflect floor pots can be used to make the room brighter and full.

Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are used to not only see a reflection of one’s image but can also for interior design. The mirrors can be decorated to blend in with the interior of a house and for beauty. Most people fear taking risk with mirrors but it is a risk worth taking.

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