Tips on giving your bedroom a facelift

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If your bedroom has remained the same for years and you are looking to liven it up a bit, you’re probably looking for some inspiration so as to begin your revamping project. Giving your bedroom a facelift does not require having to spend lots of money.

Brighten up your room : This would require you to replace your old bedding and carpets with bold and bright colors. If you do not like to go all out, pastel or earthy tones would look great too. Start off by coordinating your bedding with your curtains and rugs/carpets. Throw in a few pillows and matching bedside lamps to liven up the room.

bright bedroom design with carpet

Bedroom design and style from a scandinavian perspective

Play with colors : If you do not wish to spend money on buying new furniture, a good option would be to paint them in a different color, such as white or grey. This would work well if you are going for a modern or shabby-chic look.

modern bedroom

modern bedroom

Splurge on a few pieces : You could also opt to buy a few unique, individual pieces to add to your room. This may be an accessory such as a mirror, or a piece of furniture such as an ottoman.

ottoman furniture in bedroom

ottoman furniture in bedroom

A few simple tweaks here and a few new pieces there would help you give your bedroom the look that you desire.