Sleeping On a Soft Purple Orchid Flower Bed


Sleeping On a Soft Purple Orchid Flower Bed


You look for comfort in your bed room. Not only the furniture which have used but also a feminine color gives a very pleasant sight to your eyes. Let’s decorate our bed room with white furniture and soft purple upholsteries.

Paint the wall behind the bed with a little dark soft purple shade, comparatively to the other wall colors. Floor should be white, ceiling and the rest of the wall should be painted in a very light soft purple shade.

Bed, dressing table and stool, bed side sofa should be white in color. Dressing table stool cushion and the bed side sofa cushion should get the same color as the color of wall behind the bed. Bed mattress cover can be white or purple flower design on a white background.

There could be spot lights focusing the back wall of the bed. On that wall itself centering the bed a nice bunch of orchid flower painting can be placed there on a white background photo frame. As you enter the room, you eyes will glance at the bunch of orchid flowers painting. Bed cover and the pillow cases would get a little bit dark soft purple shade.

There should be a comfy rug beneath the bed. Its color would be a dark purple shade. There should be bed side cupboards too painted in white, and those may carry two bed side white color lamp shades.


A little bit decorative hanging lamp shade would be their just above the bed. Its color too should be white and a soft purple shade mix.

You need a set of bed covers and pillow cases in different soft purple shades, but not in any other different shades.

Live your life with lots of comforts. Setup your environments to make you happy all the time and make you feel pleasant. You begin your day in the bed room; you close your day in the bed room. So it’s a remarkable place in your life. You cannot put the bed room in your second treatment; it should always receive the first attention from you.

May you sleep on a soft purple orchid flower bed!

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