Modern Bedrooms Black to White shading with a Red touch

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Bed room is like the heaven where we get our most comfort in our life, which is the sleep. It has to be very well arranged according to our desire. It should give us a very pleasant look and feel as we enter the room. This set of furniture and color combination is for the ones who like the two extreme colors Black and White; in between shades and a little bright color in touch.

Walls of the room would be painted in white.Floor too can have white or light gray tiles or terrazzo.

white bedroom wall


Main Furniture in the room is the Bed; it could be a very low bed and its base could be in Black. Backdrop of the bed would be in light gray color. Always it’s better to use white or light gray patterned bed sheets and pillows.

gray white bedroom design

Bed Side Cupboards too would be in Dark Gray Color.

Lamp shades can get the color of Black or Dark gray as same as bed side cupboard’s color.

There would be rectangular shape two Rugs at the two sides of the bed. Its color could be light gray. Even red is ok as the floor color is white.

There could be a Closet attached to a complete wall where you do not get any windows or doors. Closet color could be same as the bed side cupboard colors.

There could be two Comfy Chairs in a spacious area in the room. Again Chair base could be in Dark Gray and its upholsteries could be in white or very light gray.

If there are too many color combinations in a bedroom it gives a very complex look. Your relaxing area setup should not disturb your relaxing mood. It’s always better to get natural scenery to your bedroom through a one bed room wall; you can make it a complete glass through which a nice area of your garden with a multicolored flower bed could be seen through.

In addition to these items in the room there should not be anything lying around, even towels and any used or unused clothes.