A Master Bedroom Designed in a Victorian Style


A Master Bedroom Designed in a Victorian Style


The Victorian style came from Queen Victoria, the royal queen. She was very stylish and everyone wanted to copy her style. Every girl wants to live in a Victorian style Bedroom. This is a totally feminine theme with some antiques. Here are some tips for designing the room in a queen’s style.

Color of the room is very important. Let it be simple and sober. Use colors like cream and beige. The bed should be in contrast with the color of the wall and should not be funky. Keep the bed’s design simple but classy and it should be a gaudy wooden or metal bed and a queen sized. You should not fret if the luxury bed is out of your budget. There are many beds available in the market which can be reproduced into a luxury bed, at the perfect price.

The bedding should be properly draped with a plain or self designed bed sheet and with a lot of cushions and pillows on it. Hang the laced curtains from the ceiling to enclose the bed. The quilts should be soft and warm. Many other accessories can be used like ribbons, flounces etc. Table in the room should be topped with glass or marble. Give preference to a round table made of showy wood or bamboo.

Lightening plays a vital role in this theme. Select classic jars or lamps made of crystal or metal. Give preference to white bulbs. Antique candlestick holders will work in support of this theme. Do not forget to place a woolen knitted napkin under the lamps which was very famous in Queen Victoria’s era.

A dressing table is an important part of a queen’s bedroom. Buy a dressing table with a chest of drawers and it should be made of good quality wood, especially oak. It will have a more regal look if it will be a carved one with a candle stand and topped with glass or marble. If you can afford, go for wooden flooring and give special attention to rugs and mats with floral or self patterns.

Include a golden or wooden photo frame and an antique vase for placing the fresh flowers. Windows should be covered with laced nets, velvet or floral curtains. Use artistic ruffles to tie up the curtains. Keep a small potted plant in the window area. Decorating a Victorian themed bedroom will not be difficult, if you apply these ideas.


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