5 fabulous tips to make your bedroom look larger


If you think your bedroom is too small and narrow for your liking and would like more space, this post is for you. All that is required is for you to change things up a bit in order to give your room the ‘illusion’ of space.

Think of ways that would help to increase visual space in your bedroom. This requires careful spacing of windows, and functional arrangement of furniture.

Small Bedroom Decorating Tricks

  • Hang a mirror of any size on one of your walls. Because mirrors reflect light, they make the room look more spacious.
small bedroom wall mirror

wall mirror

  • The key with regard to painting is to ensure that you choose subtle colors and go all the way up to the ceiling. This has the effect of making the walls look taller.
bedroom with subtle pink

design with subtle pink

  • Unifying your room is essential. This would require you to use similar colors or different shades of a color, whether to paint your walls or furnish your room. Focus on coordinating your bedding and accessories.
modern bedroom design

modern  design

  • Choose furniture that is small and functional. Lightweight pieces that are structured would make your bedroom look bigger.
multi-functional furniture for bedroom

multi-functional furniture

  • Use fabrics that will help to elongate your room. Stripes are known to do this.
fabrics bedroom

fabrics bedroom

This way, you would not have to worry about breaking down walls or carrying out any costly refurbishment to achieve a larger room.
If these ideas is not enough for you, don’t forget to check our other post about small bedroom design ideas

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