Must-have Accessories for Every Bathroom


Must-have Accessories for Every Bathroom


While having the basic bathroom essentials such as shower, sink and toilet make this room functional enough, going a step further and installing accessories will convert it into a comfort, relaxation zone. A few of these will do the trick.

Lighting : It is not enough to have the bathroom illuminated. Ensure that it is well lit. Use the right intensity of light, ensuring proper lighting around your shower area and mirror. If possible, ensure that you allow in plenty of natural light via a window or skylight. The bathroom will feel cleaner when it is properly lit up.

bathroom natural lighting

Mirrors :There can never be too many of these in the bathroom, especially if you set them up correctly. Even if you can only manage to have just one, ensure that you have a mirror in the bathroom. It may only cover half the wall or be full length, floor-to-ceiling or cover the entire length of your bathroom wall. The allure of the mirror in the bathroom is quite enchanting.

Get a vanity: Whether purely for aesthetic purposes or as a place where you can store some of your personal effects, vanities are designed to add color to the bathroom.


Incorporate these accessories into your bathroom and give this private room a truly personalized look.

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