Bathroom Ideas for Start up Offices


Bathroom Ideas for Start up Offices


Designing ideas for an office or any commercial centre can be tricky. When designing, one needs to keep in mind that many people are going to use this space, unlike your personal restrooms at home. The colour, material, and design of sinks, and other sanitary fittings must be used keeping the durability and beauty in mind.

Use these ideas for creating bathrooms for your office

Start up can be daunting and intriguing at the same time. Creating a budgeted office with a better looking space can be done without using the help of a designer. Make your bathrooms look appealing and interesting using funny quotes shingled on metallic frames and attached them on the walls. Keep these funny quotes related to littering and keeping the bathroom clean, even on a printed sheet that is well framed in low cost wooden frame.

Even for a small space, you can use a sink that is blue in oval or contemporary shape and walls that are have the same colour tiles as the wall colour. You can add a small table and stool in a corner if the space permits. This will create an androgynous look, which can be used by men as their locker room and women as their powder room. A high quality glass mirror in a large square shape, a must!

Photos of Office’s Bathrooms

office bathroom design

office bathroom design

small office bathroom design

small office bathroom design

small office bathroom

modern office bathroom

modern office bathroom

office bathroom design idea

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