Make your garden and patio look tasteful using these tips


Designing Tips for Garden and Patio


You could have a small space in your balcony in a condo where you can create a beautiful green space by adding interesting plants and décor. Using bird baths, creative pots, choice of flowering plants and decorative shrubs, and garden toys, makes it look pretty. The choice of colours you use in selecting flowering plants and other ferns and hedges makes it look coordinated and tailored.

Make your garden and patio look tasteful using these tips

You can use many wall mounted planters and place your pots on them, if you don’t have a garden. You can do the same on the wall of your patio that faces the garden. You can also use pots that can be hung on the wall in ceramics that come in tubular and circular shapes. You can use a printed pot or a plain pot in a variety of shapes.

You can use folding tables and chairs in your garden that are coated in colourful paint. You can also use tree lanterns, garden toys such as gnomes, fairies, and many other ornaments carved in stone. You can also create a decorative courtyard by placing grass in between the stone tiles.


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