Simple ideas to design your living room

Living room

Simple ideas to design your living room


Here is  very Simple ideas to design your living room perfectly, If you’re thinking to design your living room , you should check these ideas!

  • Simple yet sophisticated design: The ideal living room design should be comfortable, inviting and simple. The key is to highlight the details in architecture and to do fine adjustments like hanging exquisite and unique works of art at focal points in the room. However, the room should not look cluttered or crowded with too many paintings, artwork etc.

that is what our couch looks like but different shade of grey!

  • Use white color to get a lightened up look: If you want to present a neutral look to your living room, then it is best to use white color for the upholstery as well as the decorative aspects in the room. White has the ability to give extra dimension and immaculate depth to the character of the room and can be set in a wide range of light hues.

I think it helps to pull the sofa out a bit, if you put it against a wall. Sofas pushed all the way against a wall just make the room less styled, that is if the room is big enough for it to matter.

  • Open up the space in the room: To create the effect of spaciousness, you can rearrange the furniture in the living room, to be located away from the walls and towards the center of the room. This kind of arrangement can even have a rug in the center to act as an anchor for the spacious look.

Neutral Living Room Design

  • Allow the light to come in: To create a well lit living room, replace doors having solid exterior frames with glass doors, especially opening to a balcony or a yard. This will give a well lit and airy feel to the living room.



living room natural lightning



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