Pantry Ideas for Kitchen


Pantry Ideas for Kitchen


A part of your kitchen can be used as a pantry. You can use a variety of closures and doors for this small portion of your kitchen. Even small kitchens can have cabinets on the wall. Pantry is suitable for bigger kitchens and kitchens of medium size. Even if you have a large space, you can go minimalistic by just having one long row of cabinet and interesting stools, and use one side of the wall for pantry.

Design and storage ideas for pantry

A well-stocked kitchen is possible only when you have a proper pantry in your kitchen. Having a pantry can give you space to store lentils, condiments, herbs, and all your secret ingredients that make up for a good recipe. As most of the edible items go in the fridge, there are foods that do not need a cool storage. Use light doors and avoid glass doors for pantry.

You can decide the size of the pantry as per the number of items you usually use. If you are an uber foodie and enjoy entertaining guests, you will need a larger size pantry. You can use straw mat covering for this pantry if you do not want to use doors.

Pantry Ideas

very creative sliding pantry

pantry design

sliding pantry for small kitchens

If you don’t have any space for creating pantry,You can Turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard

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