5 tips for hidden kitchen storage


If you have an open kitchen, hidden shelving is of utmost importance, as you don’t want everyone to see all your kitchen items.

  • Hidden shelving – Whether under your sink, behind doors or by virtue of a double-duty kitchen island, ensure that you have a lot of space to store your utensils and tools hidden from view. This will prevent clutter and make your kitchen look minimalist.

    hidden kitchen storage

  • Flip-down windows– This ensures that you can quickly get rid of your equipment, whether it is a blender or coffee maker, as soon as you are done using them. This would typically fit in the area between the top and lower cabinets.

  • If you have empty wall space in your kitchen or adjoining areas, build a wall pantry to store all your food items with ease. Height is more important than the breadth of the pantry, especially if you are struggling with depth.
  • You can choose to have pull-out shelving that would be great for all your kitchen tools or even food items. This would make the kitchen appear clean and uncluttered, while making the most of narrow areas that would have otherwise gone unused.
  • Add a door to any niches that you may have for added storage. You can use this to store plats, trays or small bottles, depending on the space available.

Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

kitchen storage idea for knives

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