Kid’s Room Decoration Ideas

Kids Room

Kid’s Room Decoration Ideas


There are many inspiring tips and ideas that will keep your children room space distinctive, cheerful, exciting, playful and organized. Choose the fresh and smooth wall colors that give an easy feel of sleep to your kids. Give a striking art to the wall either with a family photo or with kid’s story instead of keeping the walls with just blank white paint. Chalkboard wall paint is quiet interactive, playful and also a learning material for your kids.

Use a multifunctional desk and use a dresser, storage area, and also decorate it with ribbons.


Create a cool place for homework and reading time, place a bookcase with favorite and learning books and set up some bright lightning in the room. Place a cuddle instead of chair; it will worth reading the books. Showcase your child masterpiece paper art on a string wire and hang it wall to wall.


Crave a sparking play area with abundance of playing material like, toys, play station and clothing items. Make your kid more playful, creative by covering the storage area with light boxes, magnetic board and mirrors. Give a distinct space for homework to kids as their private office if possible.  Don’t spend on the storage containers; try to repurpose what you already have like chip cans.

Kid’s Room Designs

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