Rustic Look for Your Bedroom


Rustic Look for Your Bedroom


Rustic bedrooms borrow most of their designs from the French, Swedish and English. Rusty designs are characteristically simple, snazzy rugged, antique and adorable. The material for this kind of decoration is majorly wood- natural wood. The wood is usually old and rugged. The individual pieces are made to congruence majestically to give an alluring end product. The room is given a rough finish with simple designs. Your bedroom ends up bursting with a sophisticated antiquity and is merely luscious.

Pine is the best wood for your furniture as it is easy to craft and paint on. It can therefore be manipulated and carved to provide, the desired piece. Painting depends on the creativity of the designer; you can opt for fancy prints, wild life or just choose a nice nature-based theme. The seating also comes in a wide selection. Depending on your preference, you could choose the rocking chair, Windsor chair or a ladder-back chair. It doesn’t matter whichever you pick for your rustic bedroom, it has to be a unique chair.

Wood is not only used for the furniture but also for the floor. However, the wood on the floor is not left with a coarse finishing. The floor wood is polished and waxed to give a gleam to the rustic bedroom. The floor designs come in varied patterns and you can choose that which suits your taste. To add flavor to the floor you can simply paint lightly, and not too detailed, or add a few rugs.

Rustic designs also incorporate and embrace a lot of nature. Not impalas and zebras, but wild plants, flowers, wood logs and pine cones. From animals you can borrow the prints. For flowers, choose those with conspicuous petals and a captivating scent to enhance the fragrance of your bedroom. Plants freshen up the air and give a more natural look to your rustic bedroom. Walls can be fitted with wooden bulb holders or well designed brass candle holders. In order to give the perfect lighting, use tin lanterns, kerosene or hurricane lamps, or candles. For a romantic setting, you can pick the scented candles. A rustic bedroom can be adjusted to achieve different setting and moods.

Rustic Bedroom Designs


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