Grip Bathroom Flooring


Grip Bathroom Flooring


When you enter a bathroom and all you see is water on the floor what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most probably you will think of the chances of you slipping and breaking a bone or a tooth because of the slippery floor. This is something that gives a blood rush to everyone. Thus why in most public places whenever there is a wet floor there is a sign indicating you need to be aware of the slippery floor but such signs cannot be put in the bathroom. Some of the unique flooring that are safe and can be used in the bathrooms are:

Porcelain Flooring

These tiles are made from clay and minerals and are recommended for bathrooms because of their resistance to moisture and there web like designs which provides grip when you step on them. they come in through body color hence don’t look worn out in case they chip off hence giving service to the user.

Linoleum Flooring

If you are looking for a classy, unique, easy to fix flooring think of linoleum flooring. This flooring is made from ground limestone, woodflour, linseed oil and cork powder. It’s said to be naturally antibacterial and is repellant to dust and dirt making it ideal for people who are hygieneconscious. The slightly rough texture provides grip that prevents one from slipping and it’s also said to be expensive. Hence if you are looking for classy and safe bathroom flooring think linoleum tiles


Pebble flooring

If you are someone who wants to connect with nature even in your bathroom, this is the most ideal flooring for you. These are simple rocks that are slip resistance and gives intimate and rustic ambiance to your bathroom. They are also vintage and give one the rocky feeling when in your bathroom.

Mosaic Tiles

Are you artistic? This is the best way to connect with art in your bathroom. Mosaic tiles come in various shapes that gives unique details to your floor and also they come in various colors making it easy for the tiles to blend in with other designs in the house. The rough patterns it brings also give grip that keeps you from slipping.

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