Make Christmas Decorating Fun with Hanging Décor


Make Your Christmas Decorating Fun with Hanging Décor


There are countless ways to go about decorating your home over Christmas. Use hanging décor to create a different look in your house over this season. The perfect areas to place your handing décor are the door, walls, baseboards and stairways.

Stairway décor : Use swags and garlands to add color to your stair case. You can also hang pinecones and ribbons of different colors on the rails of your stair case. Tie the ribbons into bows or create a pattern with them, they will look good anyway.

stairway design for christmas

stairway decoration for christmas

Doors and entryways : Hanging décor would be incomplete without wreaths, a Christmas staple that has added life to many doorsteps over the decades. However, that’s not the only place where you can use wreaths. Place a wreath over a mirror to expand the reach of the Christmas glamour. If you have a faux fireplace, a wreath will make it stand out more.

entryway design for christmas

entryway design for christmas

christmas stairway design

entryway decorating for christmas

Walls : Decorating the walls of your house is another great way of enlarging the colorful Christmas atmosphere. Go all out by covering your walls in wallpaper that matches the holiday theme. Christmas motif wall stickers will add glitz to any wall. For a completely different look, mount an upside-down Christmas tree on the wall; it will probably become the focal point in the room.

wall design for christmas

Hanging decorations are a fun way to decorate for Christmas while leaving enough room to move around in the house.

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