Make Christmas Centerpieces that Stand Out


Make Christmas Centerpieces that Stand Out


The perfect centerpiece will make your Christmas decoration really stand out. You do not have to spend much to come up with a catchy centerpiece. Kick start your centerpiece creation with these basic ideas.

A three or four tiered stand : Any stand will work, as long as it is tiered. You may cover the stand in gold, silver, red or green wrapping paper to further the Christmas theme. Arrange different Christmas ornaments on each tier. Ribbons, bows, Christmas-themed motifs (snowmen, snowflakes, Santa, reindeer and any other Christmas motif you fancy), Christmas cards and gifts will look equally colorful when arranged around the tiers.

Bowl décor : A large bowl is best and looks even better when placed on a stand. Wrap the bowl in silver, gold or any other metallic color you may be using in your Christmas color scheme. Fill the bowl with ornaments of all colors. You can interchange these with small Christmas trees or evergreens.

Tin, can, vase, candle : holder and jug décor-Use any of these containers to create a refreshing centerpiece. You can choose to arrange choice flowers, fruits, candles or ornaments in them. Let your imagination run wild here as there is no right or wrong way to arrange these decorations.

A well-done centerpiece completes the Christmas look in any room.

Centerpiece Ideas for Christmas

creative christmas centerpiece design

creative christmas centerpiece design

purple christmas centerpiece with candles

very creative and cute christmas centerpiece

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