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Create a Workstation Anywhere in your Small Home


It feels good to know that you can work from anywhere in the house. The small size of your house notwithstanding, you can make room for a desk by moving and rearranging a few things.

Corners make great working spaces and should be your first point of consideration when creating a home office. The space between your dresser and the adjacent wall can fit a desk and chair.

If you have a built in closet, transform it into your work area by fitting a desk in it. Create some storage for your files by fixing a couple of shelves in the space above the desk.

work space idea for closet

That table in your kitchen can serve as your desk. Your files and other gadgets you use while working can permanently stay on the table if you have a countertop where you can carry out kitchen tasks.

If you need to use the table while working in the kitchen, you can store your work items away and only bring them to the table when you need to work.

Curve out a corner where you can work from in the living room/area. If you have a small patio, you can convert it into your work area as well. The one thing that should be present in all these places is sufficient lighting.

Good lighting will make working from your newly curved station enjoyable.

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