Black Furniture Ideas For Living Room


Modern black furniture, made of leather or wood, usually lends a very sophisticated living room look. Earlier, people didn’t like using this combination because it was said that the room will look dark, small and even gloomy. But that’s not really true, if you know how to use the perfect amount of black, in the right combination you will be amazed of the result you will get from it. So it doesn’t matter you bought a bookcase, coffee table or a big black sofa, they will look amazing in your living room.

black living room furniture ideas

In this article I will tell you some interesting tips about this kind of living rooms:


The flooring should be a light-colored one. Some wooden floor or some ceramic tile will work just perfect in this kind of living room. It will help you contrast the entire room, give it a modern look.  In case your floor is black as well, and you don’t really have the financial resources to change it, then a white carpet will be perfect for your room. Also take into consideration the following: the floor and wall paint should not be the same in any circumstances at all.

black leather living room furniture

Wall paint

You should make sure the walls are painted in some neutral colors just to help you with the desired effect. To get furniture highlighted its beauty; you should paint the walls in a light color. You can even add some shades of different colors on different places on the wall for an even more visual effect.

dark living room furniture with white wall

dark leather living room furniture


Remember one thing; you need to pick the ones that will add a high amount of color to the room.  With black furniture, it’s not quite a good idea to add to many accessories though; it will charge the room in a bad way.  But you could buy some pillows and cushions of different colors and design for your black sofa.

black furniture for living room with red pillows


Add as much lighting as you can to your living room, both natural and artificial. Also use some sheer curtains on the windows, and when you don’t need them anymore, just pull them back and let the natural light get in.

cosy living room with great lighting and dark furniture

black leather living room furniture ideas with natural lighting

These are some general ideas for a modern black living room.