20 Stylish Open Kitchen Designs


20 Stylish Open Kitchen Designs


Open kitchens are used in both small and large houses and being more and more trendy recently. It is functional for small houses as well as creating a stylish look for large kitchens. How are Open kitchens decorated? Here are examples of wonderful open kitchen decorations we chose for inspiration.

Open kitchens which means a combined kitchen and living room, is usually housed in modern style houses. The combination of the kitchen and the salon is both stylish and modern. However, obviously the fact that the kitchen is located clearly has a direct effect on the decoration of the living room.

From this point of view,  Open kitchen decoration is very important for reaching a stylish decoration throughout the house. You can decorate your kitchen according to which decoration style you prefer in your salon. For example, natural wood kitchen cabinets may be preferred for a country style living room. For a minimal lounge you can use a stylish kitchen island.

Open Kitchen Designs

What do you say to look at the examples we have compiled to have more ideas about American kitchen decorating?

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