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Gorgeous and very rare painting tips


If you planning to re-decorate your room, The first thing that comes to mind must be painting. There are a lot of cheap and easy  painting techniques that you can apply.It is easy but it does’nt mean it will be bad. Trust me, you will create very chic look with these painting ideas.

1- You can use Tape

You can create amazing shapes with a band. The only thing will you need is tape!

painting with tape


You can create amazing patterns with stencil


3- Sponge Paint

In my opinion,Sponge painting is the best way to create pattern.The patterns created with sponge painting will be unusual.

sponge painting idea

sponge painting

painting with sponge

4- You can also use the newspaper to create the pattern

if you want to paint your wall accents and you do not want to use the sponge.Newspapers may be the easiest solution for you

painting with newspaper

5- Crinkle Painting Technique

This speedy-to-apply finish involves mixing paint with glaze, applying it over a base coat with a roller, and then pressing, bunching, and partially removing the mixture with sheets of plastic.(Source)

Crinkle Painting Technique