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How to Decorate Windowless room


Many people in the big city have at least one windowless room in the house. This problem, caused by the misplacement of the buildings, has caused different solutions in the decoration world. If you have a room without a light, gloomy, windowless, you can make that room more useful with these decoration tricks.

These rooms, which usually correspond to the vacancy of the apartment, are dark and flat. Many people who can not use these rooms efficiently can use them as pantry or laundry room. However, if you need a room and can not use the windowless room, you can solve this problem with a few decorations. First, paint the floor and walls with white color. Lighting in this room is also very important. You can provide a good illumination by tiling the led lamps. The mirrors show the room wider. You can use mirrors as accessories. Since metal and glass surfaces reflect light, you can give weight to these materials in accessories.

If you want to get more ideas about windowless room decorations, you can browse the examples we have selected for you and redecorate your room with these ideas.

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