Creative and Chic Glass Coffee Table Ideas


Creative and Chic Glass Coffee Table Ideas


All of us know how important the furniture and accessories to be arranged for both pleasing the guests and a joyful living. For those cases. a simple coffee table can work wonders irrespective of its size and cost.

Amidst this busy schedule, it is very important to have a peaceful tea or coffee time with our friends and family and some fun talk. Have it as an added gift, the coffee table can serve as a fashion accessory and also your own coffee shop at the comfort of your home. For a good warm feel of your living room a simple four or three legged coffee table will have a more pleasing look than ever expected.

An important area to be aware is the color choice. For a well lit up or a light color painted room, chocolate brown or dark colored coffee table will be apt, while a dark painted or an evening sit out will need a light colored, say a white painted coffee table. Some people even think that these tables are just space consumers and won’t do any good for their offices. However, just the area the glass coffee table sits can make a huge difference to both, the room and the mind.

Choosing a glass top coffee table has many advantages. A flat wooden or a metal finish table will leave a cheap finish or needs a matching or contrasting wall color. Gloss finish on the other hand can leave a premium look, adapts to any color scheme of the painting, suitable for cleaning on a regular basis, and easily replaceable. The even more pleasing effect is that glass coffee table is far more economical than teak and oak. It can even be etched or designed using carvings so that it can be customized using our need.

A normal four legged glass top table, is far more pleasing to the eye than a metal or wood based table. Wooden and metal tables should be carefully installed as they are bulky, but a glass coffee table can be used in any room, not only in rooms but also on gardens, patio and a temporary sit out with your neighbor.

Glass Coffee Table Ideas

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