Creatively Transform your Small Bathroom


It can seem hard to balance function and beauty in a tiny bathroom. Considering that the bathroom is where most of us go to unwind and spend lengthy minutes relaxing and soaking in water, it is only natural to want this space to be as aesthetically appealing as possible.

Color is the single most crucial element that will offer this appeal. Stick to soft colors. While white remains a favorite hue for bathroom walls, any other color looks just as great in the bathroom.

white small bathroom

green small bathroom

soft blue and white small bathroom

Only make sure that you pick the softest of shades in your chosen color – the lightest of green, purple, blue, orange and whichever other color you fancy.

light orange colored small bathroom design

light purple small bathroom

light purple small bathroom designa

light blue small bathroom

light green small bathroom

Next is to consider the placement of the sink. If you have some room to spare, a low sink can be appropriate for you. If not, consider a tall sink, beneath which you can have some storage.

sink idea for small bathroom

sink idea for small and modern bathroom

In a narrow but long bathroom, the sink can be part of a long countertop, where you can place our vanity and arrange several bottles. Beneath the countertop, have shelving and rails for your towels, and a cabinet providing more storage on one end.

A large mirror will enhance the spacious look, and so will large tiles.

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