Arabic Bathroom Design


While interior decoration gives bathroom styling a whole new meaning, Arabic bathroom design takes it to the next level. The Arabic style- Moroccan way- of designing brings a new fresh aspect in bathroom decorations. Communal bathing is a culture deep rooted among the Moroccans, from adults to children. The locals visit their Hammams at least once a week. It is through these Hammams that the Arabic bathroom design style gained fame. The artistry involved in creating these structures is just state-of-the-art. The designs are bedazzling and portray an Arabic theme; from their entrances to the walls. Moroccan bathroom designs are a reflection of the Arabic culture and social life. The Arabic style of bathroom decoration is a combination of different aspects.

Moroccan architecture employs the use of intricate tiles, which are a huge part of Islamic designs. They are usually manifested in sophisticated layouts: complex patterns and perfect arrangements. It is quite hard to make out how they are structured. All in all, they bring out the desired look: creativity, sophistication and uniqueness.

When it comes to walls, they are not done with the traditional plastering. The Arabic bathroom design utilizes a special plaster; lime motor dyed with natural powder. It is then finished with polished stones alongside a coating of black Marseilles soap. The materials are easy to manipulate as they are highly pliable; they are made into tactile curves, which are applied in the shower areas. This form of plastering is known as Tadelakt.

Arabic Bathroom Design

Arabic bathroom decoration replaces the porcelain bath units with copper bath sinks- hand crafted and polished. The baths are then sunk into tiled stands with mosaics. This is typical of Arabic bathrooms in the Islamic world. The baths are usually made large to hold a lot of water. Water is a resource Arab Muslims take in high regard and is an important aspect of their religion and culture- it signifies cleansing and life sustainance. To complement the whole setting, mirrors are incorporated and not just carelessly. They are placed in intriguing patterns and applied on windows, lamps and even the framework. When you stand back and take a good look at the Arabic bathroom design, it is just something to marvel at.



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