Try these Window Treatments in the Bedroom

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If you have had the same drapes in your bedroom for the longest time now, it is time to get creative and adopt something different for a change. Changing the way you dress your windows may seem simple enough, but its effect is the very core of how the bedroom looks. Try these to change or improve the appearance of your bedroom.

A splash of shutters

If you want a real makeover, dump the curtains for shutters. These are the perfect choice for a colonial or traditional look. You can have them in matching or contrasting colors with the window panes.

chic bedroom shutter

bedroom window design with shutters

shutter idea for bedroom

Blinds and shades

When you need full control over the amount of light entering the bedroom at any given time, use blinds or shades as opposed to sheer fabrics.

Patterns on your curtains

Curtains are still the preferred mode of treating windows for most people. If you want to retain curtains on your windows, you can simply change how they look by using a different fabric. Silk, sheers and velvet are plush and a good fit for the bedroom. If your window is very large, divide your curtains into three or more panels and alternate the colors and patterns on the panels for a striking look.

chic bedroom curtains

chic bedroom curtains

bedroom curtain

colorful bedroom curtain pattern

classic white bedroom curtain

red and white colored bedroom curtain

i really love his white and red colored horizontal bedroom curtain, Awesome color combination with blue wall

Changing your window dressing may be the only thing you need to do to instantly change how your bedroom looks.