Basics of designing a bedroom

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Think ‘bedroom’, and I’m sure the first two words that come to mind are ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’.  A well-designed bedroom would ensure that as soon as you enter this little sanctuary of yours, you leave all the troubles of the world behind.

What you would essentially need is a design that is simple, but also functional. This involves careful planning and then utmost precision when it comes to executing the plan. Keeping in mind the following when coming up with a design plan:

  1. Think of how you would like to set up your bedroom. Where would you like to place your bed? Your closet? And so on. Think of how you would arrange your furniture.
  2. Lighting sets the ambience of the room. While natural light is essential, you would also need to think about lamp shades and other forms of lighting, whether soft or something bright.
  3. Every bedroom requires proper ventilation in order to prevent stuffiness.
  4. What colors would you like to go for? Think of whether you would like subtle furnishing, or prefer to opt for bold colors.

Once you decide on these basic points, designing your room will become not only simpler, but also much easier!

Creative Bedroom Design Ideas

small bedroom decoration

small Chic bedroom decoration

white and purple bedroom

white and purple bedroom

Bedroom Decor with Purple Accents

Bedroom Decor with Purple Accents

well designed bedroom

well designed bedroom with modern headboard design