Quality Turkish Towel Manufacturer


Our company Peshmod, which focuses on customer satisfaction, continues to make a difference in the field of Wholesale Peshtemal production. Our company, which has traditional weaving looms and methods, puts its signature under high quality and useful products in the production of peshtemal, which is one of the most important elements of Turkish bath culture.

Thanks to its corporate quality activities, our company, which gladly sends peshtemal to its customers all over the world, offers peshtemal varieties carefully produced from first class cotton yarn.

Peshmod, which has a wide customer base around the world, offers its customers all over the country the quality, useful and affordable Beach Towels Wholesale models. These products, which give bathrooms and beaches a stylish towel appearance with different color and pattern options, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very useful.

Our company, which attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, produces and sells Wholesale Turkish Towel and Peshtemal with soft textured and water absorbing peshtemal varieties.

Useful Turkish Beach Towels Types

Peshmod, which has reached a wide range of users thanks to its quality-oriented services since its establishment, is known as a quality peshtemal manufacturer in the sector.

It has many features that bring our company to the top level with its deep-rooted past and traditional weaving style, mostly women.

Those who want to use peshtemal varieties, which are among the most precious pieces of Turkish towel culture, for a lifetime without any problems can choose from these original pieces with peace of mind.

The New Fashion of Beaches and Bathrooms: Peshtemals

Peshmod Peshtemal Manufacturer, which has made a name in the sector as a Turkish Peshtemal Towel Wholesaler from the past to the present thanks to its reliable and quality service understanding, also attaches great importance to customer satisfaction in this field.

Peshtemal varieties produced with patterns that can be easily sold and have continuation can be used easily in beaches and bathrooms. Thanks to its unique texture and first-class yarn selection, peshtemals replace towels. Among these models, which have designs suitable for use on the beach and pool, everyone can buy designs that appeal to their own taste at affordable prices.

Colors and Patterns for Every Taste

Our customers who want to purchase peshtemal models, which stand out with their affordable price policy and quality workmanship, can visit our company’s website with peace of mind and complete their shopping.

The latest technology machines are used in the weaving of these products, which are also known as Turkish Beach Towels and can be used in completely different areas.

Peshtemal models, which are specially woven from the highest quality material, have suitable color and pattern options to suit every aesthetic taste and perspective. Thanks to its first quality fabric, it preserves its first day quality and appearance for many years.

Affordable Price Advantage

Quality options are offered in our company, which has been one of the most successful peshtemal manufacturers in its region since its establishment. The usage areas of these products in different colors and sizes may also vary.

At the same time, our company, which attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, offers quality and useful peshtemal varieties with the most affordable price options. You can easily order the peshtemal varieties you want, and you can buy wholesale peshtemal at affordable prices.

Long Lasting and Durable

Manufactured from first class material, these products are capable of being used for many years without being deformed. You can choose the models that appeal to your taste among the peshtemal varieties that owe their robust structure to their weaving style and cotton structure. You can find wholesale Turkish Towels you are looking for with Peshmod’s wide range of products.